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keto meato package includes


5 Packages Ground Beef

1 Package Fajita Slices

2 Sirloin Steaks

1 Beef Roast

1 Package Ground Bison

1 Pork Tenderloin

4 Packages Breakfast Sausage

This isn't just Meat, this is Dunagan-Farms Meat. We put so much love and care into each animal, making sure they enjoy every single minute of their life before they are used to make sure we enjoy ours in a healthy supreme way. Never betraying the animal and always giving them the best opportunity at the best life and always treating them with respect they deserve being sustenance for us.

Breakfast Sausage is one of the relatively few meats that most people keep on hand in either the freezer or the refrigerator. Whether you make it for breakfast or you cook breakfast for supper, add a pound to your spaghetti, your lasagna or meatloaf. It is always good to have plenty of it close by. 


The Beef Roast is probably the easiest meal for busy people and you know we live in a wild busy world. The hardest part of a beef roast is remembering to put it in the crock pot before you leave for the day. If you get right its always worth it when you walk in the door at the end of the day and the overwhelming smell that has encompassed the house hits you and sparks that reminiscent thought of how it used to be back in the day when that same smell was coming from your mom or grandma's kitchen. Very soothing and oftentimes a calming experience for me, even better when there aren't any carrots in it. 

The staple here at Dunagan-Farms....Ground beef, the flavor adding and densely rich 85/15 blended delicious ground beef. We all know how to make seemingly endless varieties of goodies with Ground Beef. Burgers to Spaghetti, Tacos to Lasagna, Meatballs to Chili. In this Bundle you will get 5 packages to get as creative as you want. 


Pork Roast, cook it like the Beef Roast in a crock pot or in a pyrex dish in the oven. Can always add a mushroom sauce or anything sweet like pineapples, peaches and even honey. If you take all the options you can with a pork roast and use them properly you can make a Pork Roast taste exactly how you want it. The best part is, it is pretty hard to screw up. If it was easy to mess up I would never get it right. Always easy, always delicious and always enough to feed the whole family. 


What some customers say......... 

 "I think it is awesome that Dunagan Farms is so professional & ethical with their farm! They are always presenting themselves in the most professional way possible. I've never heard anyone say a single bad thing about them! I am glad to give Dunagan-Farms my business!" -Bri Bishop

"So, We've been looking for a farmer to get our meat from when we moved here. Well Dunagan-Farms popped up one day, we decided to give them a try, and boy were we in for a treat!! Everything we've had so far has been AMAZING! The steaks are absolutely heavenly, the beef bacon and pork bacon is our go to! The ground beef is absolutely delicious, and what I love the most is that it is a family run business and they care so much for their animals and customers. We will not buy our meat from anywhere else. Thank you so much Dunagan Farms for bringing a whole new meaning to Farm Fresh!"    -Sadie Eilers 

"Honestly, walking in there for the first time, my experience was beyond amazing. It didn't feel like just a transaction. The family came out and was super helpful with any and every question and was just having great conversations about general life stuff too. You really feel like family when you go there I'm usually very socially awkward with new encounters but I felt like as if I just went to my friends house to hangout. I was that instantly welcomed. The meat looks amazing and you can just tell how much love and care goes into everything. Also on top of that the pricing for all their meats is extremely fair for the quality you're getting. I will no  longer be buying any beef at the store and will only come here. I am sold!"                        -Sandro Bosnjak

 "My first visit to Dunagan Farms was Saturday the 11th of December of 2021. I certainly will be back for more! I bought a package of their ground Buffalo and it made some incredible chili beans. I should have taken a picture of the package with the meat in it. but I already ate it! I love the presentation and careful assurance to maintain a quality product that is packaged in such a safe manner.  I'll be back!"  

-James Edwards                                                                                                               

"Absolutely love this place! From the first time I tried their beef, I decided I would never return to store bought beef. The only thing that outweighs the quality and the flavor of their beef is their hospitality and their customer service. From the time you walk through the door, to the time you leave, they make you feel like you're family. They also sell pork, goat, bison, and even sell farm fresh eggs so they are the one-stop meat shop! I'll never buy meats anywhere else again!"  -Barron Baird

  "We had been looking for local meat, I had heard Dunagan Farms was great. Their meats are amazing and the prices are better than the grocery store meat. We've been buying our meat here for 3 months and will never buy grocery store meat again! Great family that are helpful and always willing to help less fortunate! We like supporting local businesses and the Dunagan family have a caring and helpful team that helps my family eat healthier without breaking my pocket book. Check them out 

you will be glad!"  -Sandra Gimmel   


 "First and foremost a family that cares about their customers and appreciates the business. Secondly we went from buying a couple steaks and roasts here and there to buying a half a cow and then a whole hog this year. The meat is excellent quality and at an affordable price. Also if you aren't sure about how to cook a certain cut of meat they are willing to give you tips and tricks to make your cut of meat the best it can be. We have gone to other butchers but no one compares to Dunagan Farms!!!"


 Cindy Dee


100% Money back guarantee if your dissatisfaction is to the point that you have no use for the meat. You will not get that with any other local producer. 


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