Half Beef (Deposit)

Half Beef (Deposit)

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A Half Beef, aka a Side of Beef gives you basically all the options.You get 1 of every primal. Brisket, Chuck, Rib loin, Plate, Short Loin, Sirloin, Round, Rump + Shanks, Stew, Ground, Marrow Bones and Organs. With your custom preference of cutting and packaging. Keep in mind as you give your cutting options that the leaner you cut and grind the less weight you will take home. 

Place the Deposit for your Half Beef today to lock in the next available process date. Or schedule a date further out that works for your freezer space and budget. Once that is done make a plan on getting that freezer cleaned out and ready.

Total Cost: $1,900.00

  1. Pay Non Refundable Deposit of $500.00 online below.
  2. Jace will personally text you confirming purchase and dates
  3. Pay $1,400.00 balance at pick up.
  4. Take your beef home and put into freezer 

(We pay all kill, rendering and processing fees.)
You pick up from us at the farm or we can ship for a fee inside the state of Oklahoma.

With a Half Beef order you get free custom cutting and packaging preference. The processor will call you personally and go over the cutting options with you and as you make your selection, they will put your cutting and packaging orders on the cut slip the butcher will use as he is cutting your side of beef. This is Certified Oklahoma Bred, Born, Raised and Processed. This is Dry Aged Beef that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones and everything else. This is natural beef that makes such a delicious meal every time.

Half Beef Cutting Options:

    Rump Roast: Yes or No?      

Roast size: 3-4# or 4-5#

Arm roast: Yes or No?        

Roast size: 3-4# or 4-5#

Chuck roast: Yes or No?

If roast: 3-4# 4-5#

If steaks: 1/2” 3/4” 1”

If steaks, steaks per pkg: 2-4-6

Ribeye steaks: bone in or boneless steaks or Prime Rib

If steaks, steaks per pkg: 2-4-6

Strip loin: T-bones or Strips & Filet Mignon?

Steaks 1/2” 3/4” 1” Steaks per pkg 2-4-6

Round steaks: bone in, boneless, tenderized?

If not tenderized: 1/2” 3/4” 1”

(cubed steak) If tenderized: pounds per package?

Steaks per pkg: 2-4-6

Sirloin steaks: bone in or boneless?

Sirloin thickness: 1/2” 3/4” 1”

Steaks per pkg: 2-4-6

Sirloin tip: tenderized or roast or steaks

if steaks: 1/2” 3/4” 1”

Steaks per pkg:2-4-6

Ground beef: 80-20 or 90-10 Vacuum sealed

Brisket: yes or no, half or whole

Flank steak: yes or no

Skirt steak: yes or no

Short ribs: yes or no

Pikes peak roast: yes or no 

(Osso Buco)      Soup bones: yes or no

Stew meat: if yes how many #


Tri-tip: yes or no

Picanha: yes or no


Oxtail: Yes or No

Kidney: Yes or No

Liver: Yes or No

Heart: Yes or No

Kidney Suit: Yes or No

Tongue: Yes or No

          Total Yield: About 220# of packaged Farm Raised, Dry Aged, Clean Beef                                    7-8 cubic feet of freezer space is needed for a Half Beef
  • Our favorite beef roast, a Chuck Roast, absolutely delicious in a crock pot or on a pellet grill or smoker...Hint: smoke it exactly like a Brisket
  • The delectable and coveted Bone in Ribeye. America's number one most sought after cut of beef aged to perfection.
  • Our staple, like many other farms is our 85/15 Dry Aged Ground Beef. Of all of our customers we have had and continue to provide for, the majority just started with 1# of our Ground Beef. 
  • The smokers paradise more often than not pivots from one meat to another with the Beef Brisket being the fulcrum of most other action and experiments.
  • The meaty and very beefy Short Ribs, cook them many different ways for a multiple choice flavor selection. 
  • Blade Tenderized Round Steak, AKA Cubed Steak. Great for Chicken Fried Steak, Swiss Steak, Carne Asada and Stir-fry 
  • Who doesn't recognize this beauty? The T-Bone is known across all of the land as a tasty and beautiful steak. Did you also know that the T-Bone is the bone in version of a New York Strip and Filet Mignon? Thats right, Strip Loin on the left and Tenderloin on the right. 


  • New York Strip Steak is an often coveted cut of beef, not known for marbling as much as the ribeye, but right next to it on the carcass. Cooked properly this cut of beef can not only compete with the best, but be the best. Just another option when you order a half or whole beef from us. 

  • The Filet Mignon is definitely the highest of the high end steaks. So tender and near impossible not to cook to absolute perfection every single time makes it a favorite with portion beef buyers because its so much cheaper to buy when buying a half or whole beef.

  • The Picanha!!!!! A favorite in the Dunagan Household that takes precedence over all other cuts, but 1. This age old and very often overlooked piece of beef is "scratch your head good", leaving you wondering why you haven't ever had it before. Definitely don't forget to ask the processor for this cut with every order. 

  • Dino Ribs are quickly becoming a sought after item for people who love to smoke meats. For even the best backyard bandits these ribs can be difficult to get perfect every time. You can add this option to your Half Beef order when the processor calls.  

  • This beauty will taste better than it looks, I know that is hard to believe, but trust me. These bone in Arm Roast are absolutely delicious, that marrow in that bone will render into your base and mix with all of the veggies for an overall blend of deliciousness. Cannot beat it on a cold or rainy night!


 In addition to the best Beef around........

  • Connecting with your friends and loved ones over delicious home cooked meals

  • Helping heal the the earth with regeneratively sourced beef

  • Peace of mind knowing your beef is coming from a small family owned and operated ranch that absolutely loves what we do and practices regenerative agriculture and works with a humane, family owned butcher

  • A more health-filled life with amazing beef that can fight cancer, build strong bones, boost immunity, plus so many other incredible benefits

  • A stocked freezer with nutrient rich, healthy, and delicious meals for more than a few weeks

  • No longer making your dinner list for the week before the grocery store, but from what your freezer says you have available 


This isn't just Beef, this is Dunagan-Farms Beef. We put so much love and care into each animal, making sure they enjoy every single minute of their life before they are used to make sure we enjoy ours in a healthy supreme way. 

It is then humanely harvested and set to age in the cooler for at least 14 days. No aging is not a sales point, its a science that lets the carcass slowly dry removing so many options for toughness while enhancing flavor. 

100% Money back guarantee if your dissatisfaction is to the point that you have no use for the meat. You will not get that with a half beef from any other producer. 


 "I think it is awesome that Dunagan Farms is so professional & ethical with their farm! They are always presenting themselves in the most professional way possible. I've never heard anyone say a single bad thing about them! I am glad to give Dunagan-Farms my business!"
-Bri Bishop
"So, We've been looking for a farmer to get our meat from when we moved here. Well Dunagan-Farms popped up one day, we decided to give them a try, and boy were we in for a treat!! Everything we've had so far has been AMAZING! The steaks are absolutely heavenly, the beef bacon and pork bacon is our go to! The ground beef is absolutely delicious, and what I love the most is that it is a family run business and they care so much for their animals and customers. We will not buy our meat from anywhere else. Thank you so much Dunagan Farms for bringing a whole new meaning                                        to Farm Fresh!"                                          
-Sadie Eilers  
"Honestly, walking in there for the first time, my experience was beyond amazing. It didn't feel like just a transaction. The family came out and was super helpful with any and every question and was just having great conversations about general life stuff too. You really feel like family when you go there I'm usually very socially awkward with new encounters but I felt like as if I just went to my friends house to hangout. I was that instantly welcomed. The meat looks amazing and you can just tell how much love and care goes into everything. Also on top of that the pricing for all their meats is extremely fair for the quality you're getting. I will no  longer be buying any beef at the                                                  store and will only come here. I am sold!"                                                 -Sandro Bosnjak  
"My first visit to Dunagan Farms was Saturday the 11th of December of 2021. I certainly will be back for more! I bought a package of their ground Buffalo and it made some incredible chili beans. I should have taken a picture of the package with the meat in it. but I already ate it! I love the presentation and careful assurance to maintain a quality product that is packaged in such a safe manner. I'll be back!"                                            -James Edwards
"Absolutely love this place! From the first time I tried their beef, I decided I would never return to store bought beef. The only thing that outweighs the quality and the flavor of their beef is their hospitality and their customer service. From the time you walk through the door, to the time you leave, they make you feel like you're family. They also sell pork, goat, bison, and even sell farm fresh eggs so they are the one-stop meat shop! I'll never buy meats anywhere else again!"
-Barron Baird
 "We had been looking for local meat, I had heard Dunagan Farms was great. Their meats are amazing and the prices are better than the grocery store meat. We've been buying our meat here for 3 months and will never buy grocery store meat again! Great family that are helpful and always willing to help less fortunate! We like supporting local businesses and the Dunagan family have a caring and helpful team that helps my                                family eat healthier without breaking my pocket book."                               -Sandra Gimmel

 "First and foremost a family that cares about their customers and appreciates the business. Secondly we went from buying a couple steaks and roasts here and there to buying a half a cow and then a whole hog this year. The meat is excellent quality and at an affordable price. Also if you aren't sure about how to cook a certain cut of meat they are willing to give you tips and tricks to make your cut of meat the best it can be. We have gone to other butchers but no one compares to Dunagan Farms!!!"                        -

Cindy Dee

One of the cooking classes we offer to help customers learn how to cook the various cuts of beef and pork that bulk options provide that they otherwise have never heard of and are uncertain with how to cook/prepare it. 


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